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General Information on Safety Benefits of DUI Laws in Columbus

The law being legislated in our state is one of the reasons why society is being shaped into something orderly and healthy. The laws formulated by our lawmakers may seem unfair in some point of view but later on you will realize that it keeps us pushing to become better individuals as a microcosm of our society—for us to live in harmony and peace.
The laws made everyday encourage us to live properly and to have equal rights in our society. As being said by a wise man, Justice is what everyone demands the most. Thus without justice in our society, we can go on a totally wrong track and may also divert others from it.

cheapcarinsuranceincolumbusEvery year, thousands of people in America alone get killed in road accidents and many of them come under the influence of alcohol. A drunk driver for an instance has no care for his life but once he neglects his duty he can cause damage to other people’s lives.

To take actions against people like these, government has formulated some laws. The one who is drunk and drives might get saved because of the airbags or an advance safety system in his expensive car. On the other hand, the one who is walking with his grandchildren is at great risk for he can die anytime after the impact was made. His body can be shattered into different direction depending on the heaviness of the impact. If the drunk driver’s car has no car insurance in Columbus then no one will cover for him in terms of expenses and other hospital bills. The offender needs to pay everything if found guilty.
To prevent activities like these, Government of Ohio made DUI laws and DWI laws which are also strictly followed in Columbus. These laws are made so that people who are drunk may be caught and punished so that they will no longer have any reason to do it again.

These laws are punished to the person who is caught being drunk. For those who might be caught the very first time, they are not punished hard and might just have to pay penalties and fines and sometimes may have to get enrolled in DUI courses in Columbus to gain maturity and some knowledge of the dangers of driving being drunk. For those who are caught subsequently, there may be harsh punishments for e.g. the suspension of the driving license or huge fines which if not paid can lead to spending a night in jail.

Apart from this all, if a person gets caught in subsequently, he may find difficulties in finding jobs or applying for home. Moreover, people who are caught drunk subsequently may often pay more in order to get their cars insured as insurance companies cancel car insurance in Columbus for people with DUI law or DWI law records.

The two laws differ in a way. If the person is caught to be drunk after knowing the BAC level which should be below 0.08, that person’s age is then taken into account. If he or she is under 21, then he or she lies in DUI law which is a less harsh then the DWI which is applicable to those who are above 21 years of age. Moreover, the blood alcohol level or the BAC level is found out using a breathalyzer or a blood test is taken into account.

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