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The Main Customer Base For Columbus Cheap Car Insurance

When apply for Columbus cheap car insurance, the following queries should be cleared. The minimum amount of liability insurance coverage required to satisfy Ohio’s Financial Responsibility law is 12,500/25,000/7,500, depending on various situations. This means that your insurance policy must insure you against loss in an accident where you have been determined to be at-fault for a minimum of:

*Twelve thousand five hundred dollars ($12,500*) because of bodily injury to or death of one (1) person in any one (1) accident

*Twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000*) because of bodily injury to or death of two (2) or more persons in any one (1) accident, subject to the *twelve thousand five hundred dollar ($12,500) per person limit

*Seven thousand and five hundred dollars ($7,500*) is the remuneration for causing destruction to property of others in an accident.

Under Ohio law, you are required to provide documentary proof of Financial Responsibility in the following circumstances to claim cheap Columbus car insurance:

*At the request of a law enforcement officer at the time of an accident or traffic stop.

*If you are found guilty of a traffic offense for which a court appearance is required.

*To ensure drivers continue to meet the Financial Responsibility requirements, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) conducts a random selection process for insurance verification.
As part of this process, the BMV mails letters to a random selection of five (5%) per cent of registered Ohio vehicle and non- commercial truck owners. The letter instructs the vehicle owner that within twenty-one (21) days they must provide proof to the BMV demonstrating Financial Responsibility coverage was in effect on the date specified in the notice.

Columbus also has SR-22 system. An SR-22 is a certification of future proof of Financial Responsibility issued by a Columbus cheap auto insurance company to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles providing proof that you purchased liability insurance. The following circumstances may require a person to have an SR-22:

*To reinstate a suspended license after the person fails to pay an accident judgment

*To reinstate a suspended license after the person fails to maintain proof of Financial Responsibility

*To reinstate a suspended license after conviction of a major offense

If you are required to maintain a certificate of Financial Responsibility, your insurance company must provide the Bureau of Motor Vehicles with at least ten (10) days advance notice before termination. Safe Auto will only issue an Ohio SR-22 to Ohio residents.

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7 Discounts Low Income Earners Can Avail for Cheap Insurance Policy in Columbus

If you know about certain tricks that can be helpful for getting Columbus cheap car insurance, you can easily save up to 50% of the total cost of your auto insurance. It  is a known fact that most of the time you pay a huge extra amount just because you do not know how to save. So in order to get discounts, you should know how to get that discount— what are the offers that are usually there for those who cannot afford higher premiums and policy cost for auto insurance.

carinsuranceinColumbusBest discount options for low income earners

Best discount deals that are offered by most of the top rated companies providing auto insurance are discussed below.

Discounts for rare driving

If you drive rarely on road or has a driving schedule covering low mileage you can get a discount for this because the less you drive the lower are the chances for getting into an accident or theft or any other loss regarding the covered vehicle. So if you cover a less mileage on average, you can tell your agent to inform the insurer that if there is an option for low mileage you are qualified for the discount. In this way you can save a lot and can avoid spending extra money for getting car insurance in Columbus.
Discounts for expert drivers

Expert drivers who have a good driving record with less or no citations can qualify to have a discount offered for expert driving from the insurer. You can ask your agent to get you the discount if you are qualified or eligible for that particular offer.

Discounts for credit points high score

High score for credit points can also be used as eligibility criteria for those who have a good record regarding credit points on license. If you do so you can get a high credit sore discount  from your insuring company.

Discount for driving course

There is also a discount offer for those who have attended for any driving course and has earned a safe driver certificate by learning the safety measure for driving on the road.

Discounts for group insurance

Sometimes, people who are members for any groups like teachers, doctors, church community groups or any other groups like this and the insurance companies offer discounted deals for getting a policy that covers the whole group. In this way, you can get a considerably low rate for group auto insurance policy.

Safe driver discounts

If you are a safe driver and never got into any offensive act on the road you can also get a discount from the insurer depending upon the fact that you would not be getting into any such conditions in future also.

Bundle policies

If you purchase a Columbus bundle policy deal from the insurance company including your family members in one deal that can make you eligible for a discount depending upon how much is offered by the particular company.

In case if you want to get the detailed account of all the policies that are offered by the top companies for auto insurance you can compare the prices online and get best quote in your area right now!